DHI Hair Transplant

The number of patients opting for DHI hair transplant in Turkey has been doubling each year compared to the previous year. This can be attributed to Turkey's advanced healthcare technologies and highly experienced hair transplant doctors. It is also recognized as one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism worldwide.

Operation Summary

DHI, Direct Hair Implantation, is the leading-edge and groundbreaking hair restoration procedure conducted using a Choi implanter pen to address hair loss in both men and women, offering a painless and efficient solution. The DHI technique is built upon the foundation of graft extraction-transplantation methods, similar to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), wherein hair follicles are carefully extracted from a donor area, typically the back of the head, and precisely implanted into the recipient area affected by balding.

Why Should You Prefer DHI Hair Transplant ?

When it comes to DHI hair transplantation, Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for individuals seeking effective and affordable solutions. Here’s why you should consider a dhi hair transplant in Turkey:

When comparing techniques like DHI hair transplant with FUE, one notable advantage of DHI over traditional FUE is the absence of the need to make incisions in the recipient area. This reduces trauma and bleeding, resulting in a quicker recovery time (approximately 10 days, as scabs naturally fall off) and faster wound healing.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are several reasons for hair loss, including:

  • Genetic factors: The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This condition is influenced by genes and hormones and can affect both men and women.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or thyroid problems can contribute to hair loss.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions like alopecia areata, scalp infections, and autoimmune disorders can cause hair loss.
  • Stress and lifestyle: Chronic stress, poor nutrition, crash dieting, and unhealthy lifestyle habits can weaken hair follicles and lead to hair loss.
  • Medications and treatments: Certain medications, such as those used for cancer, arthritis, depression, and high blood pressure, may cause hair loss as a side effect. Additionally, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can lead to temporary hair loss.
  • Ageing: As we age, hair growth slows down, and hair strands become thinner, leading to gradual hair thinning and loss.

Why Choose Us DHI Hair Transplant?

Three reasons to come on this journey with us



Our hair transplant procedures offer long-lasting and permanent results, allowing you to enjoy natural-looking hair for years to come.



With our advanced techniques and skilled surgeons, we prioritize your comfort throughout the hair transplant process, ensuring a virtually painless experience.



We prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated team ensures that you receive personalized care and support throughout your hair restoration journey.

Before the Surgery

The doctor will assess the required number of follicles for optimal results. Tests and thorough inquiries will be carried out to determine your eligibility for the hair transplant procedure. Furthermore, the donor area, from which the grafts will be extracted, will be identified. Prior to the intervention, your doctor will provide instructions that need to be followed. It is important to adhere to all the given recommendations.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

During the Surgery

The hair in the donor area is trimmed, and grafts are extracted. The number of grafts needed for transplantation may vary based on the size and extent of the target area. After all the necessary steps are finished, the frontal hairline is carefully determined to harmonize with the patient’s facial structure. Following that, the transplantation procedure is performed using the appropriate method.

DHI Hair Transplant During

After the Surgery

There is an extensive post-operative follow-up process. The final results will become noticeable approximately 12 months after the surgery. To attain the desired outcome, it is vital for the patient to adhere to the recommendations and exercise caution during the recovery phase. By diligently following the instructions and advice given by the doctor, the likelihood of achieving the intended outcome is greatly enhanced.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey Procedure

The operation may vary from person to person but usually

ANESTHESIA Local Anesthesia
PREFERRED METHOD Depends on the Patient

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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey FAQ's

Some of the questions our patients often ask us

Many patients may favour FUE as, with DHI, the maximum number of grafts that can be implanted is 4000, whereas the FUE method can cover much larger areas. Due to this, DHI is typically preferred for addressing smaller, specific areas of hair loss, while FUE is more suitable for cases of more extensive balding.

In comparison to England and America, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is significantly more affordable. In these countries, the price of DHI hair transplant can reach up to 10,000 USD. However, in Turkey, the cost of DHI hair transplant ranges between 2500 USD and 4500 USD.

DHI is regarded as a superior transplant technique for beard transplant due to its ability to insert hair grafts at precise angles. This angle of insertion contributes to the creation of a more authentic and natural-looking beard.

Kardelen Clinic is the one names that have received the most awards with the title regarding the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, providing international hair transplant services.

DHI hair transplant typically offers a quicker recovery time in comparison to other methods. For instance, the removal of scalp crusting usually takes only 3-4 days following the DHI technique. Consequently, many patients are able to resume their regular work duties within a few days after the procedure.

Once the grafts are transplanted, their survival is crucial for achieving a natural and long-lasting result. The success of graft survival largely relies on the precision of the surgeon and the clinic. At DHI, the rate of graft survivability exceeds 97%, surpassing many other clinics that claim to be the top in the industry.

In Turkey, the cost of a 3000 grafts hair transplant ranges from £1,300 to £1,500. It is important to note that the hair transplant cost in Turkey varies based on the chosen treatment method. Additionally, a 5000 grafts hair transplant can cost between £1,800 and £3,100.

According to a study conducted by ISHRS, the likelihood of a hair transplant not meeting patient expectations and resulting in dissatisfaction is approximately 43%. This study focuses on assessing the success of a hair transplant based on the patient’s satisfaction and the achievement of their desired results.



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