Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant for women, a popular procedure worldwide, has gained popularity among women as well. Both men and women face the issue of hair loss, but it is important to note that this problem has viable solutions. Thanks to female hair transplant in Turkey, your hair, which is a considerable part of body beauty, becomes lush and vibrant.

Operation Summary

Prior to the procedure, a thorough examination will be conducted. Subsequently, the specific area for transplantation and the method of hair transplant are determined, and a treatment plan is formulated.

On the day of the surgery, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted into the areas with thinning or empty hair. The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.

Why Should You Prefer Hair Transplant for Women ?

Premature hair loss can make you appear older than your actual age, but with female hair transplant turkey, this concern can be eliminated.

  • Having thick and healthy hair greatly enhances your appeal.
  • Hair transplant for women offers a long-lasting solution to combat hair loss.
  • Women of various ages, ranging from young individuals to older ones, can choose female hair transplant as a suitable option.
Hair Transplant for Women

Reasons for Female Hair Loss

Some of the factors that contribute to hair loss in women are genetic, while others are influenced by external factors. Additionally, certain periods of significant changes in a woman’s body can also trigger hair loss.

Pregnancy, which places considerable strain on a woman’s body, is a significant factor that leads to hair loss. During pregnancy, various changes occur in hormone balance, bone density, hair health, and tooth strength. The body’s resources are often consumed during this time, which can result in various forms of stress, including hair loss.

Another period that brings about substantial changes in a woman’s body, particularly in metabolism and hormone balance, is the menopausal phase.

Furthermore, an often overlooked cause of hair loss is the individual’s hairstyle. Specifically, the way in which a person ties their hair can play a role. Many women commonly tie their hair in a bun or ponytail at the back of their head. However, when factors such as constant hair stretching, pulling, and straining, as well as excessive tension on the collected hair, persist over an extended period, it can contribute to noticeable hair loss.

In addition to these factors, there is the influence of genetic predisposition, which can also contribute to hair loss in women.

Why Choose Us Hair Transplant for Women?

Three reasons to come on this journey with us



Our hair transplant procedures offer long-lasting and permanent results, allowing you to enjoy natural-looking hair for years to come.



With our advanced techniques and skilled surgeons, we prioritize your comfort throughout the hair transplant process, ensuring a virtually painless experience.



We prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated team ensures that you receive personalized care and support throughout your hair restoration journey.

Before the Surgery

The doctor will determine the optimal number of follicles required to achieve the desired outcome. Tests will be conducted to assess your suitability for hair transplant surgery.

Subsequently, the surgeon will identify the donor area from which the grafts will be harvested. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions to follow, and it is crucial to adhere to all the recommended guidelines for a successful procedure.

Before Female Hair Transplant

During the Surgery

The hair in the donor area is trimmed, and grafts are harvested. The number of grafts needed for transplantation depends on the size and density of the recipient area.

Once all the necessary procedures are finished, the hair transplant will be conducted according to the chosen method.

During Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

After the Surgery

After the hair transplant, a lengthy process follows. The final result becomes apparent after 12 months of the procedure. To achieve the desired outcome, patients need to be diligent and attentive to the recommendations given during the recovery period in order to prevent any complications.

By adhering to the instructions and heeding the advice of their doctor, patients significantly increase their chances of attaining the desired result.

After Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey Procedure

The operation may vary from person to person but usually

ANESTHESIA Local Anesthesia
PREFERRED METHOD Depends on the Patient

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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey FAQ's

Some of the questions our patients often ask us

Yes. Indeed, it is a viable option. A skilled trichologist is the appropriate individual to provide guidance in this matter! To put it succinctly, hair transplant for women offers a permanent and natural solution for hair restoration, regardless of whether it is for men or women. However, it is worth noting that the pattern of hair loss experienced by women differs slightly from that of men.

Approximately three months later (90 to 100 days), new hair begins to grow and maintains a normal growth rate. Around six months following a hair transplant procedure, the transplanted hairs start to acquire a natural look and will continue to grow indefinitely.

If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, you should budget between £2,000 and £5,000, which includes your accommodation and transportation expenses. In comparison, hair transplant surgery using the FUE method in other countries may cost between £6,000 and £20,000. Turkey boasts some of the finest hair transplant centres in the world.

Fortunately, the answer is no: a hair transplant is not a painful procedure.

Hair transplant for women is a safe surgical procedure, although there can be potential complications that may manifest as postoperative pain, itching, dissatisfaction with the outcome of the procedure, or surgical complications such as infection, wound opening, or skin tissue death.

Yes. Female hair loss can have various causes, and hormonal imbalances are one of them. Hormones play a crucial role in regulating hair growth and cycle in both men and women. For women, hormonal imbalances, such as changes in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels, can contribute to hair loss.

Turkey provides excellent hair transplant packages and offers, allowing patients to undergo procedures at significantly more affordable prices compared to the United States. Moreover, crucially, Turkey’s hair transplant results surpass those of America, making it an appealing destination for individuals seeking high-quality outcomes.

Being home to some of the world’s most renowned hair transplant clinics, Turkey emerges as a highly favourable option when selecting the right clinic. In the past, Turkey was primarily chosen for its affordable prices in hair transplant for women. However, nowadays, it is also sought after for the exceptional expertise of its doctors, which has led to remarkable success in the field.



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