Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is an excellent technique for addressing thin or nearly absent eyebrows. This procedure, commonly chosen by women, offers a solution to the problem of eyebrow loss. Our eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping our facial expressions and enhancing our overall beauty. Having thick, healthy, and well-shaped eyebrows can greatly enhance your facial beauty.

Operation Summary

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure conducted under local anesthesia and typically lasts a few hours. You will experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Hair grafts obtained from the donor area are meticulously transplanted into the predefined borders of the eyebrow area.

Why Should You Prefer Eyebrow Transplant ?

Eyebrow transplantation delivers the best and most permanent results, offering a range of benefits to enhance your overall appearance and confidence.

  • Permanent Results: Eyebrow transplantation offers long-lasting and excellent outcomes, enhancing the appearance of your eyebrows and transforming your facial expression permanently.
  • Thick Eyebrows: The shape of your eyebrows significantly impacts the appearance of your eyes. Whether your eyebrows are thinning or lost, eyebrow transplantation enables you to achieve thick eyebrows that beautifully frame your eyes.
  • Increased Confidence: While eyebrow pencils can temporarily fill in your eyebrows, they may not provide the same level of confidence as naturally thick eyebrows. With eyebrow transplantation, you can regain your confidence with thicker, well-defined, and more aesthetically pleasing eyebrows.
  • Concealing Scars: Eyebrow transplantation is an excellent option for concealing scars or burns in the eyebrow area, providing a solution that not only restores eyebrows but also helps hide unwanted marks.
  • Natural Results: When the density of the transplanted hair is carefully adjusted, the results of the procedure appear natural, blending seamlessly with your existing eyebrows.
Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Reasons for Eyebrow Loss

Like other hair follicles on the body, eyebrow loss can occur for various reasons. Eyebrow transplantation offers a lasting remedy for thinning or gaps caused by shedding.

Eyebrows play a significant role in framing facial features, and their sparsity or complete loss can have a negative impact on one’s appearance and self-confidence.

There are several factors that can contribute to eyebrow loss, including stress, lifestyle changes, burns, accidents, genetic predisposition, thyroid issues, goiter disease, eczema, and certain medication side effects.

To understand the underlying cause of your eyebrow loss, it is advisable to consult with a specialist doctor. At Kardelen Clinic, we are dedicated to providing a permanent and effective solution to this issue, ensuring you regain the natural beauty of your eyebrows.

Why Choose Us Eyebrow Transplant?

Three reasons to come on this journey with us



Our hair transplant procedures offer long-lasting and permanent results, allowing you to enjoy natural-looking hair for years to come.



With our advanced techniques and skilled surgeons, we prioritize your comfort throughout the hair transplant process, ensuring a virtually painless experience.



We prioritize patient satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated team ensures that you receive personalized care and support throughout your hair restoration journey.

Before the Surgery

The surgeon, through comprehensive analysis and various health tests, determines the specifics of the surgery. Subsequently, the desired shape of the eyebrows, best suited to the patient’s facial structure, is sketched using a pencil and rehearsed.

Due to the delicate nature of the transplantation in this area, it is crucial to exercise caution both before and after the procedure. Following the doctor’s advice during the various stages of the process is of utmost importance.


During the Surgery

The quantity of grafts harvested from the donor area varies depending on the individual patient. Based on the chosen technique, hair grafts will be extracted from the donor area. It is important to note that only single root grafts will be used for transplantation in the eyebrow area.

For achieving a natural appearance, precise determination of the channel direction is essential when creating the openings in the desired eyebrow transplant area.


After the Surgery

After the eyebrow transplant, there is an extensive follow-up process. The final outcome becomes evident approximately 12 months after the procedure. To achieve the desired result, it is crucial for the patient to adhere to the recommendations and exercise caution during the recovery period.

By following the instructions and advice provided by their doctor, the chances of attaining the intended outcome are significantly increased.

After Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey Turkey Procedure

The operation may vary from person to person but usually

ANESTHESIA Local Anesthesia
PREFERRED METHOD Depends on the Patient

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Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey Turkey FAQ's

Some of the questions our patients often ask us

Yes. An eyebrow transplant is a form of cosmetic surgery aimed at enhancing the fullness of your eyebrows. This permanent procedure can have lifelong results. A surgeon will transfer hair follicles from your scalp to your eyebrows, providing a solution to sparse or thin eyebrows.

The precise cost of your eyebrow transplant will depend on your specific requirements, the provider you choose, and your location. On average, this procedure can range from £2,000 to £4,000. The estimated price includes additional charges associated with the facility, surgeon, and anaesthetist (if required).

The average eyebrow transplant cost in Turkey is around $2000-$3000.

Yes. While the growth of natural eyebrows usually stops when they reach a length of around half an inch or shorter, transplanted hair continues to grow. Unless you desire excessively long and thick eyebrows, it is necessary to regularly trim the transplanted brow hair to maintain a well-groomed and tidy appearance.

You may experience tenderness in the donor area, but it will diminish within 24 to 48 hours. As the hair is transplanted with precision, you should not experience any pain after the procedure. Similar to any medical surgery, there are potential risks of scarring, bleeding, and infections associated with eyebrow surgery.

No. Local anaesthesia and oral sedation are administered during the procedure, ensuring a painless experience. You may encounter some tenderness in the donor area at the back of your head, but this discomfort usually subsides within 24-48 hours. As the hairs are transplanted superficially, the eyebrow region is generally painless following the procedure.

This is due to the lower costs in Turkey compared to other developed countries. As a result, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are able to offer more affordable procedures that are comparable, or even of higher quality.

In Turkey, the cost of a 3000 grafts hair transplant ranges between £1,200 and £1,400. It should be noted that the cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on the type of treatment chosen. On the other hand, a 5000 grafts hair transplant can cost between £1,600 and £2,800.



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